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  • Maximizing Refunds and Speeding Refund Delivery
    This filing season, there are several steps taxpayers can take to maximize their refunds and speed the delivery of money from the IRS. Taxpayers should look into the numerous tax breaks available and take every credit, deduction and exclusion for which they qualify. More...
  • IRS Presents: Top Ten Tax Time Tips
    1. Gather your records…now! It’s never too early to start getting together any documents or forms you’ll need when filing your taxes: receipts, canceled checks, and other documents that support an item of income or a deduction you’re taking on your return. More...

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  • Accounting Services
    if you have grown to where the number of transactions you have to record each day is just overwhelming your internal resources and capacity to cope, call in the Reeder team. We’ll worry about all those financial details so you won’t have to. And our services can grow right along with your business... More...
  • Keeping Good Records
    You can avoid headaches at tax time by keeping track of your receipts and other records throughout the year. Good recordkeeping will help you remember the various transactions you made during the year, which in turn may make filing your return a less taxing experience. More...

IRS Tax Representation

Everyone knows that the tax codes are complex. The combination of Federal, State, Unemployment, Income, Excise and Payroll taxes can be difficult to understand and as a result, easily violated. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the requirements and the responsibilities of timely payment, and during pressing economic times, it’s easy to get in trouble.

Should you ever find yourself in need of business tax representation, turn to CDRCPA Certified Public Accountants for the business tax representation or advice you may need. Our team of tax preparers, accountants and Certified Public Accountants know how to approach the tax agencies and can represent and resolve most tax issues, many times without your personal involvement.

Dealing with most tax agencies can be difficult. Most agencies are complex and very bureaucratic. Government employees can be insensitive, apathetic and sometimes even punitive, using their knowledge and experience to defeat you. As a result, dealing with a tax agency can be very overwhelming.

Acting as your business tax representative, CDRCPA Certified Public Accountants, can take the lead, correspond in your behalf and in many cases, resolve your tax dilemma, many times for less than what’s being requested. In fact, sometimes for nothing at all.

All business tax issues are different and the penalties for late, inconsistent and incomplete filing can be substantial. Don’t let the IRS or any State tax agency bully you. We can help. If you have a pressing business tax issue, need sound financial advice or need a business tax representative, why not call CDRCPA Certified Public Accountants today. By letting our team of tax professionals focus on your resolving your tax issue, you’ll have less anxiety and more time to focus on what you do best, attract and develop more business.


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